younits_minisplit_installation_kit2_lrg_48_3_1 Has Your HVAC Replacement Parts

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AC units rarely fail in the winter or furnaces in the summer.  System failures often happen only when you need your system to operate at its best.  Murphy’s Law?

We at are sensitive to the urgent nature of these types of issues and work tirelessly to get replacement parts shipped quickly so that you can get your system running again.

The following guidelines apply when it comes to replacement parts:
  • We will source replacement parts for you even if you did not buy the unit from us.
  • If it is a warranty issue on a unit bought from us, we will ship you the replacement parts without delay.  Once the part has shipped to you, you are required to ship the defective part back to us. 
  • Manufacturer warranties do not cover labor, so the consumer (owner of the unit) is responsible for labor costs associated with warranty and non-warranty issues.
While warranty issues happen rarely, things do occasionally break prematurely and we understand that. is your best resource for replacement parts when failures do happen.
Bring on the heat!  It’s been a long cold winter.
Check out ICM’s full line of HVAC control boards.  There is a replacement for nearly every furnace make and model.

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