Winterizing Pro-Tips!

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Winter (for those of us Midwest folks especially!) is a cold, dry and often uncomfortable time of year. Sub zero temperatures, high wind gusts and many feet worth of snow pummel us and our houses every winter season and we look to our homes for sanctuary. So it is no surprise that most of us are highly interested in ensuring that our furnace systems and our homes are ready to stand the siege of old man winter and his pal Jack Frost.

Chances are your furnace today is much better than furnaces of past generations. The efficiencies have dramatically increased over the years, but there are still things you can do to increase the current efficiency of your furnace and make sure you are getting the most out of your heating system this season.

Ensure the proper operation of your furnace: Seasonal maintenance of your furnace can provide peace of mind and a happy furnace through those critical winter months. The furnace should be cleaned,and clean, lubed and the blower belt & motor should be inspected for proper function.

Change your filter: Dust and debris can accumulate quickly which then can quickly and heavily restrict airflow. Changing your filter out every 60 days can keep this from happening.

Turn down your thermostat at night: Turning the thermostat down a few degrees at night isn’t exactly ‘winterization’ but it will help you with your energy bills. When you’re sleeping you most likely aren’t paying as much attention to the temperature, the addition of warm blankets and perhaps a space heater can save a lot of money in the long term.

Check for leaks and drafts in your ducting: It isn’t uncommon for there to be leaks or places where your warm air is escaping instead of being delivered to where it should be. The use of specialized insulate tape as well as other specialty products can ensure you’re not needlessly losing precious warm air.

  • Tips For Your Home

Ensure your water heater is turned up only to what is necessary: Check to make sure your water heater isn’t turned up too high. Keeping the temperature turned down slightly or to a level conducive to your family’s hot water needs can greatly save on energy costs

Seal in drafts by ensuring your storm doors & windows are employed: Storm windows and doors can help as your first line of defense in protecting you against those strong winter gusts.

Insulate your hot water pipes: According to the U.S Department of Energy, insulating your hot water pipes will save you $8-$12 dollars annually and only costs $10-$15 dollars to do. This one is easily a no brainer.

Get or make a draft snake: The U.S Department of Energy states that heating and cooling account for half of your energy bills, to make sure that money isn’t going out (or under) the door, an easy way is to make a draft snake. Use a roll filled with an old towels, sand, t-shirts or anything else and stick it by any drafty doors. Weatherstripping windows when/where possible is a great idea as well!
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