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Why You Need a Condensor Pad or Wall Bracket

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Many people purchase the outdoor condensing unit of a central split or mini split complete system without considering what the outdoor  compressor will be installed on.  For central split systems, the outdoor unit is the central air conditioner or heat pump.  For ductless mini split systems, the outdoor unit is either cooling only or a heat pump (heating and cooling).

When you purchase the outside unit, whether on its’ own or as part of a complete system, is is recommended that you purchase either a condensor pad or a wall bracket (depending on your application) to place the condensing equipment on.  You never want to just place the unit on the ground.  Pads and brackets keep the bottom of the unit from sitting on wet and/or dirty ground cover and protect the unit.  In addition, they provide cushioning, which reduces the vibration of the condensor, making its’ operation quieter.

Condensor Pads

diversitech_condenser_pad_48Condensor pads are used in both central split and mini split applications when you want to install the air conditioner or heat pump on the ground.  It may be used on its’ own or in conjuction with a cement or other slab.  Pads are generally made from structural foam and high-density polyethylene (hpde), making them extremely strong and durable yet lightweight.  This is a great option if you don’t want the condensor to hang on the side of your house and if you have a relatively flat surface for the install.  They come in several sizes to fit any central or mini split outdoor unit.

Wall Brackets

airtecwbb300_large_2Available in 300 lb or 500 lb maximum weight loads, wall brackets are a great option if you don’t want to place your condensor on the ground, if your outdoor surface is uneven, or if you are not on a 1st floor and cannot place it on the ground.  Wall brackets are only used in ductless mini split installations.

For most applications, the 300 lb. option is more than sufficient.  Wall brackets also come in either powder coat or stainless steel options in each size.  Stainless steel is recommended if you are near seawater to prevent rust, or if you simply prefer its’ look.  Powder coat is the most popular finish.

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