What is a Tankless Water Heater?

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Most homes today have a conventional water heater installed, in which the water is stored and heated in a tank and whatever gallon capacity your water heater is, you cannot use more hot water than that until the tank refills (with cold water) and reheats it.  You have probably experienced this loss of hot water when in the shower before, after everyone else has showered, the dishwasher was running and someone was washing a load of clothes on the hot setting.

navien_nrTankless water heaters, also knows as On-Demand water heaters, virtually eliminate this problem.  Unlike a conventional water heater, the tankless style does not store water in its’ tank.  When someone turns on the hot water for an appliance, shower or sink, for example, cold water enters the tankless water heater and travels through a heating element.  The result is instantaneous hot water, whenever you need it.

The obvious advantage of tankless water heaters is that you will not run out of hot water because it is heated on demand.  Another big advantage is energy savings.  Conventional water heaters use energy to keep the water in the storage tank hot at all times.  Tankless water heaters only use energy when hot water is needed, which translates into saving money on energy bills.


According to the Department of Energy, the average tankless water heater produces approximately 2 to 5 gallons of hot water per minute.  Depending on your hot water needs for your household, this may be less than you need.  Tankless water heaters are usually installed close to the location it will be heating the water for.  You can install more than one of these On-Demand units if 1 water heater is not sufficient for your household, though 1 is sufficient in most cases.

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