Using Wall Brackets in Mini Split Systems

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Let’s discuss using wall brackets in mini split systems. This is an Airtech mounting bracket for an outdoor unit of a mini split system. It comes preassembled for easy assembly. The legs simply snap into the open position and a bar gets mounted on the wall. The package comes complete with masonry anchor bolts and a little level to put on the outside wall, or lag bolts, depending upon your application. The wall bracket simply slides into the bar itself once it’s mounted onto the wall and leveled. This particular (Airtech) as designed can hold up to 300 lbs.

Each bracket comes mounted with rubber vibration-dampening feet that are adjustable to the size of the unit that you have. There is also a protective rubber gasket foot on the back of the unit to protect the wall finish of the surface you’re mounting to.

A variety of other wall mount application and models are available not only in powder coat, but also stainless steel and can hold up to 500 lbs. also has additional mounting brackets that can be used for a sloped roof application.

Go to to find a complete selection of wall applications and outdoor accessory products for all your mini split system installation needs.


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