Types of Gas and Electric Heating Equipment for Small Spaces

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There are several different types of gas and electric heating equipment available for small spaces. Let’s talk about some specific products.

For living spaces situated directly above a garage or open porch, it can be very hard to keep these living spaces warm. The room is essentially located above a refrigerator box. You need to warm that area (garage) up. One of the items available on is a garage heater. Mount the garage heater hanging on the wall or suspended from the ceiling. The wall heater will keep the temperature in the garage comfortable at 45 or 50 degrees, which will make the difference in making sure the space above can be heated efficiently and comfortably.

Another product is a Hotel-Style unit, or PTAC (Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner) and PTHP (Packaged Terminal Heat Pump). Both PTAC and PTHP are installed through the wall in a sleeve. Part of the component is on the outside of the building and part is inside, which would either provide air conditioning or, with the heat pump (PTHP), heating and cooling. Hotel-Style units are a very efficient design and can handle a fairly large space. Installation and application are easy.

One last item is a Magic-Pak Self-Contained Heating and Cooling unit. It requires you to run 1 ducted outlet from the unit itself. It can be installed inside a closet or a smaller studio, for example. The advantage of the Magic-Pak Self-Contained Heating and Cooling unit is you do not have to run anything outside the house. There is no outside equipment; it can all be self-contained.

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