Types of Condensate Pumps for Ductless Mini-Split Systems – HD Video

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There are several types of condensate pumps available for removing water from your ductless mini-split system. The warm air that’s going to surround the cool condensate lines is going to produce condensation or water. We’re going to want to remove that water from your system and we’re going to do that with some condensate pumps. Younits.com offers a variety of condensate pumps that are specific to your application.

They may be mounted in a 2 year application. In the case of the mini or maxi line, it gets mounted in duct work. The mini white system gets mounted underneath the particular interior unit or the mini aqua unit which gets mounted inside that particular unit.

Depending on the output that’s necessary, a mini or maxi orange can be used universally and for a variety of applications close to that interior unit. Finally, there is a peristaltic pump, which is a universal pump that is very powerful. It can pull that condensate away from the unit upwards from as much as 10 feet up to 40 feet in those applications when it’s not convenient to have a gravity-fed system coming out because it’s too obtrusive.

Feel free to call the experts at Younits.com who will be happy to guide you through the process and help you select the pump most appropriate for you.

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