The Younits.com Difference

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With the proliferation of online retailers, E-commerce websites and the increasing popularity of online shopping, it can be hard to choose which website to buy from. Not only that, but it can also be hard to tell which site is a fly-by-night sort of company and you may be unsure if you’ll receive proper customer service if the need for it arises.


On top of all of this, shopping digitally (especially for expensive items such as boilers or furnaces) comes with a certain amount of ambiguity. You can’t see what you’re buying in person, you can’t hold it or inspect it. You can read dimensions, watch videos and reviews to help you conceptualize what you’re purchasing, but it’s not the same. This greatly increases the need for you to feel confident in who you’re buying from. You want to know you’re being taken care of.


When you shop online you’re also looking for the lowest price, that’s part of the convenience right? You can compare prices from 5 different companies without leaving your chair. This consumer advantage often leads to companies doing everything they can in an attempt to keep their prices as competitive as possible. Whether it’s maintaining razor-thin margins just to try to undercut the next competitor and not being capable of providing timely service, or offering terrific prices to try to make up some cash by charging the consumer way too much for shipping. Some companies will try everything to draw in a sale.


This is where consumers can see the Younits.com difference.


We often find ourselves speaking with a customer who is shopping around for a quote that mentions a terrific price on a unit which is lower than ours, but once the added necessary accessories are totaled, the competitor is much more costly. Here’s a great example of something that happened just last week:


A customer had called to get a price on a mini split system. Once we stated our (x) price, the customer had noted that a competitor was $200.00 cheaper. It was only when the customer realized that along with his mini split system he would need a Wall Bracket, Line Sets, Line Set covers and so on, that the competitor’s price was no longer $200.00 cheaper, but instead $500.00 more!


At Younits.com we do not have high prices in one area to make up ground in another (which is a common practice), we are consistent across the board. All of the items that go along with your new unit, which are often necessary to the install, is where many competitors like to make up for lower prices.



At Younits.com we don’t partake in any sort of bait-and-switch nonsense. We don’t mark up our prices on crucial installation accessories, they’re cheaper than anywhere else! Nor do we charge outrageous amounts for shipping & handling – It’s free in the U.S and Canada! Additionally we don’t charge any types of processing fees, freight charges or otherwise. What you see is what you get.


Lower Prices are great and all, but what good is a low-priced product if there’s a problem and there’s no one to help you? Customer service in many cases is as (if not more) important than the price of the unit itself and at Younits.com we take pride in offering caring, courteous and prompt customer care. When you call us, you speak with a real-live industry professional and whether or not you decide to buy from us, we are happy to offer you help in your HVAC needs. We back everything up, we make sure if there’s a problem, it gets addressed and taken care of and our reviews speak for themselves. Just read one of our most recent reviews:


Proved Canadian skeptics wrong!: 5 years ago when i decided to purchase my Fujitsu Mini Splits from Younits.com, and recently when one of my units broke down, local Canadian authorized Fujitsu Dealers said I would not have any warranty coverage. Even the Fujitsu website said I wouldn’t be covered if I purchase online. Surprise Everyone!!! I did and it was painless! One phone call, One e-mail with supporting documents (proof of purchase and technician report) and about 4 weeks later I had a new compressor delivered to my house. No fees for delivery, no customs charges (warranty repairs) nothing! Just a replacement compressor. Now just waiting for the technician to install and I’ll be using my mini split again. Thanks Dave for your attention to this matter! I’ll keep recommending Younits.com to anyone who ask! 5 stars.”


So remember when you are shopping, especially for an item as important and expensive as a new furnace or air conditioner, take into account everything you need for your install and make sure you aren’t tricked into thinking you’re getting a better deal than you are. Even as a contractor looking for a large boiler or a maintenance engineer looking for a commercial air conditioner, don’t forget to take into account the benefits of having a company on your side, there to answer your questions or help in any way they can. That’s the Younits difference.

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