The Age of the 33 SEER Mini Split

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The Age of the 33 SEER Mini Split 

As Ductless Mini Splits Become More Efficient, They’re Becoming Harder to Ignore

Do you hear that large, cumbersome, loud unit outside? Does the sound of it’s compressor running scare away your dog, startle your baby and make the neighborhood children turn their heads in curiosity?

Your probably not alone, but you also may be unaware of the growing majority of people who are embracing other means of conditioning and laughing quietly as they pass by your house and hear the mechanical symphony being emitted from your backyard.

What are these other means? You may have heard of them and perhaps even have seen them. They’re of course ductless mini split systems and they’re providing massive cooling capacities with astounding efficiency.

But My Large Gas Bill Means I’m Getting Large Cooling Power 

Not in the least bit, unfortunately. You current A/C may be only netting you an average of 15 SEER (Seasonal Effective Efficiency Rating), while new mini split systems are offering more than double that and operate at a level not much greater than a whisper.

Think of your old inefficient HVAC system guzzling down energy compared to a new ductless system merely sipping on it. Much like an uncle whom has imbibed to liberally on Thanksgiving, it can barely run, operates poorly and overall doesn’t make much sense. Unlike the Mini Split who we’ll liken to the wise and knowing grandfather sipping on a fine scotch and providing enjoyable conversation.

But the noise is how I can tell it’s working

Wrong again. Noise needn’t be a tell tale sign that your HVAC system is running and ductless mini split systems are here to prove it. To go along with their powerful cooling capacity, zone control and ability to control multiple indoor units is all of the monstrous noise of the leaves in the wind. With dB(A) levels literally on par with an indoor whisper, ductless mini split systems are 2nd to none.

Look Away No Longer

European countries have embraced these systems for years. Finally the United States is warming up to the idea as the benefits stack way up against the potential ‘unsightly’ look of an indoor unit on the wall. So when you’re looking to upgrade your unit or replace a broken unit, take a long hard look at ductless mini split systems and wise up to the benefits that these systems can offer.

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