SpacePak Unico Mini-Duct High Velocity Systems – HD Video

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High velocity duct systems are very appealing in that we can get duct work and move air in a small area. It’s very flexible and easy to get some of this duct work out there, which otherwise could be difficult.

Featured is an elbow from a main trunk system. Off of that main trunk we would tie in some of this flexible duct; this one is 2” in diameter and has a 3/8” insulation that goes around. The ceiling exit also gets mounted on the ceiling and is available for a slanted ceiling as well with a different exit. We also have couplings that can tie 2 ends of this duct together. The coupling simply slips into both ends and you push the insulation back in around it after securing it on there with a clamp. Once secured in place, you have a nice, secure fit.

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