Runtal Baseboard System and Accessories

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The Runtal Baseboard System is an aesthetic system and very beautiful compared to other slant fin baseboard systems you’ve seen. It uses quality construction made of steel components and aluminum with a durable powder coated paint finish available as shown in Runtal white along with 9 other package colors. If you desire to have it match your tile or other colors you can have it custom colored from the factory.

There are valves, specifically straight line corner valves, available on for installation of this unit. You complete the installation with supply covers that have pipe insulation in them, which come in 3” or 10” sizes, which can be cut to fit depending on the size of your installation. These units are typically mounted through the bottom and are expandable through the side. Complete the look with an end cap. Runtal baseboard heaters come in a range of sizes depending on the size of your room.

Go to to find Runtal baseboard heating products and components for your heating needs.


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