Mitsubishi Electric Introduces, “Mitsubishi Electric Smart Home.”

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Mitsubishi Electric has announced a next-generation concept for home life, the “Mitsubishi Electric Smart Home” which combines sensors and linked appliances and other household equipment to support the daily lives of families by enabling individuals to easily share information about their mental and physical conditions.

Practical applications of the Mitsubishi Electric Smart Home concept may include the following:


Camera identifies and authenticates each family member as they approach the front door.
Door-handle sensor collects biological information, such as body temperature and heart-rate to assess the person’s physical condition.
Health and daily schedules of each family member is displayed in the entry hall.


Refrigerator door displays recommended recipes based on body data collected with sensing devices and food items available in the refrigerator.
Countertop displays preparation instructions and other helpful information, such as cooking tips and remaining cooking times.
Induction stove allows cooking vessels to be placed anywhere on the cooking surface, enabling two or more people to cook at the same time.
Outlet-free, non-contact power supply system feeds power to appliances anywhere in the house.

With the rate at which technology is moving, it’s not too outlandish to imagine something like this in every American home in the not so distant future.

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