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As a company born and raised in Illinois and with an entirely Chicago-land based workforce, our thoughts go out to those affected by the recent EF-4 tornado which hit Fairdale, IL and multiple surrounding areas causing millions in damages.


As is the process in many tragedies, while the wreckage is cleaned and folks attempt to regain a sense of balance, questions such as ‘How do we prevent this?’ and ‘What do we do now?’ are commonly posed.


While the team here at Younits.com was far enough away from the tornado to only experience strong storms, we still found ourselves asking ‘What can we do?’


Thus began the conversation of what Younits could do, not only to help the people recently affected, but help anyone in the country who finds themselves besieged by such forces. In the end, we can up with


The ‘Let Younits Help’ Program  


This program offers a helping hand to – and is for anyone whom a unique burden or circumstance has befallen. Whether it be a storm, hurricane, tornado, fire, theft, or vandalism, we’re here to offer custom discounted pricing for a replacement item.


There are a number of companies out there willing to charge victims of a disaster full price for equipment and these companies are plainly taking advantage of a bad situation.


Younits is not one of those companies.


If you fit into one of the above categories or situations, give us a call and we will be happy to offer you discount pricing to help ease the burden on your pocketbook. The circumstances regarding any sort of tragedy or situation like the one that happened recently in Illinois are enough to have to deal with, without having to worry about paying full price for new equipment.


It is a fact of life that storms will occur, tornados will touch down and hurricanes will make landfall. Other circumstances can also be out of our control and leave us feeling helpless such as vandalism, theft or other such maladies. We at Younits.com are attempting to give you at least a small sense of control in the situation. You may not be able to move your home out of the path of a storm, but you can choose to replace your damaged HVAC equipment with a company that is happy to provide lower prices in an attempt to ease your burden.

Our motto around here is ‘Simplifying HVAC’ and we like to think we do pretty well at that. Starting today, we’re adding a helping hand in the time of need to our list of reputable services. We know this may only start to help and that there is no one quick fix, but our hand is extended if you should ever need it and if you find yourself in a similar situation to one described above, we hope you’ll take us up on our offer.


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