In Response to the Houston Flooding

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We, as many currently must be, are watching the devastation unravel in Houston, TX and it’s neighboring areas. As a northern-based company we ask ourselves what can be done to aid in the re-building, or to ease the personal or financial suffering. Too often personal and financial ailments are intertwined and natural disasters seem to be on the rise.

Those of you familiar with Younits.com and/or this Younits.com Blog may have read about our recent roll-out of the “Let Younits Help Program.”

For those not familiar, it is a program we developed shortly after devastating tornadoes touched down rather close to home for us here in Chicago. The program offers discounts and any other assistance we can provide to those whom have had their HVAC equipment damaged, ruined or otherwise effected by natural disasters.

If you fit into one of the above categories or situations, give us a call and we will be happy to offer you discount pricing to help ease the burden on your pocketbook. The circumstances regarding any sort of tragedy or situation such as the one in Texas are enough to have to deal with, without having to worry about paying full price for new equipment.

All around the country, there will be hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, floods and more – It is a fact of life that throughout this year, next year and every year after that these natural occurrences will remain a constant. So we here at Younits.com would like to offer a hand to those in need, whether it is today, tomorrow or a year from now – We promise to help those in need and offer a little sunshine after the storm has passed.

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