HVAC Online Purchase Warranties

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One of our top 3 FAQ’s is “Is there a warranty on my equipment if I buy it online from you?”  When purchasing expensive equipment that you will have for years, consumers want to know that they are covered, just in case.  Rest assured, your product will be warrantied by

The biggest reason we are asked this is because many manufacturers have a clause on their website about online purchases of their equipment not being covered by their (the manufacturers) warranty.  This is in large part because in the hvac industry, equipment is traditionally sold to contractors who in turn sell it to their customer.  This ensures that the equipment is installed by a licensed contractor according to manufacturer specifications.  When equipment is purchased online, the manufacturer doesn’t know who installed it (warranties on equipment are always contingent on installation by a licensed contractor). honors all manufacturer warranty terms on equipment and parts (labor is not covered through us or any manufacturer warranty).  For example, if a Goodman air conditioner has a 7 year compressor, 5 year parts warranty and you purchase that air conditioner, your equipment will be covered through according to the manufacturer warranty terms.  Your equipment MUST be installed by a licensed contractor or your warranty will be void.  Please also note that you must maintain your equipment according to manufacturer guidelines for manufacturer warranties to be upheld.

If you have a warranty issue, have your contractor identify the malfunction and contact us with the information at 1-800-880-0199.  Please check out our complete warranty terms and conditions for further information.

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