Honeywell Whole Room Humidifiers

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Let’s talk about how to use Whole House Humidifiers with heating and cooling units to increase the comfort in your home. Featured here is a Honeywell true steam unit. This particular one adds up to 6 gallons of water per day; other models are available that add up to 9 to 12 gallons per day. This is a nice unit because it operates independently of your system. Typical humidification systems would add some water in a pad that would evaporate when the furnace is being run.

The humidification system is mounted on the wall simply and easily within 5 minutes using a bracket and can be mounted either directly on the duct or remote locations up to 20 feet away for a duct for ease of installation.

The unit communicates wirelessly to a humidistat you purchase separately; several different models are available on
The humidifier is self-cleaning and will go through automatic cleaning cycles throughout the year. You can do occasional recommended manual cleanings very simply by opening the cage and removing the tank from the unit.

Go to to find a complete selection of humidification units and humidistats to make your home comfortable year round.


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