Heat Pump or Cooling Only Ductless Mini Split?

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A question we are often asked is “I will only be using cooling, should I buy a heat pump or cooling only mini split?” While the answer may seem obvious, there are some good reasons why much of the time, you might want to consider purchasing a heat pump.

The cost of purchasing a heat pump over a cooling only system is marginal (often no more than a few hundred dollars) and generally speaking a heat pump will have a higher SEER than a cooling only system, which saves money on energy bills.  These energy savings offset the higher purchase price of a heat pump with a higher SEER rating.

Many regions, while maintaining hot or warm temperatures much of the time, can have cool periods. A heat pump gives an option to heat on these days or nights as needed.  On some days, you might be glad to have the heating part of the heat pump!

In warm climates such as Florida, Texas or Arizona, there may never be a need to use heat, and a cooling only system is the logical choice. Ductless mini split cooling only units are also widely used in server rooms, which never need heat.

Whichever option is best for your application, a variety of options including SEER, BTU, features and configurations are available in both heat pump and cooling only systems.


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