Financing Your Larger Orders With & Affirm

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Financing Your Larger Orders With & Affirm



Whether you’ve heard the unmistakable sounds of a boiler reaching the end of it’s life, stepped unexpectedly into an ice cold shower or have woke up to a freezing house, unforeseen failures in your HVAC equipment can easily be a costly endeavor. Unlike if an iPod fails or a computer crashes, you oftentimes cannot get away without air Conditioning or heat for a few months while you save up for a new unit. A credit card may be a viable option, but what about the astronomical APR’s, or what if the card is nearing it’s limit?


Luckily, has teamed up with Affirm, a company that gives you the option to finance your new piece of equipment quickly and securely right in the checkout area! You receive instant approval allowing to process and ship your product as fast as possible. You  pick a loan that fits your budget, choose how quickly you’d like to pay off your loan (3,6, or 12 months) and as easy as that, you’re one step closer to getting that broken unit fixed or that outdated system upgraded.


What about the APR?


Of course, APR’s are unique to you and your credit history, but it is obviously a lot easier to finance a (in the big picture) relatively small and minor – albeit expensive – piece of HVAC equipment than it is to say, finance a car.


Low Cost of Convenience


Paying an extra (for example) $8 a month, to have a unit that costs multiple thousands of dollars paid for you up front, allowing you to get it when you need it is a small price to pay – Especially when it comes to you and your family’s comfort.

With and Affirm, you’re never out of reach of those pricier and often times desperately needed purchases. Getting your much needed HVAC equipment has never been easier, just another way that is simplifying HVAC.

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