Fall is here, time for a little warmth

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Fall is here, time for a little warmth

Why getting ahead of the game in regards to your HVAC can mitigate discomfort when Jack Frost comes knocking


As Jack-O-Lanterns are carved and candy is distributed to myriad faces in your neighborhood, not everyone is thinking about their boiler, furnace or radiant heating. Well- some are, people are starting to catch on to the fact that it is better to get your new heating equipment before it gets window-frosting, ice-forming and even dangerously cold. More and more folks are also conducting checks on their heating equipment before it is even needed to make sure there are no surprises in the weeks and months ahead.

Take a Radiator for example, most are what we refer to as “special order” , meaning they’re custom built at the time of order to your exact specifications meaning you’ll be waiting on them for 6-8 weeks. While this is a great service (as well as the #1 brand), no one wants to experience 6-8 weeks of drafts and cold – and no one wants to be able to see their breath inside.

If you haven’t done so already, we strongly suggest you run your equipment and prepare it for the season to ensure they’re no surprises waiting for you on a below-zero day in December. This can save you money as well! Identifying what equipment you need and buying it from us can save you hundreds if not thousands.


You may ask.

Think about it this way. Say you have an old furnace and you’ve known you’ll be in needĀ for a new one sooner than later, but instead of simply getting it replaced when the weather is favorable, you wait.

Then one frigid January morning you wake up freezing. That old furnace finally kicked the bucket and is now up in the big scrap heap in the sky. Well you cant (or don’t want to-understandably) wait 4-6 days for a new furnace to be delivered from online, so you call out a contractor

on golden time

and have to buy a furnace from him

which has been marked up beyond belief

because it’s a peak season for that product and he knows you need it

and now you’re out of a big chunk of money.


Don’t pay 300% markup, don’t miss out on that extra money and don’t wake up freezing. If you’ve got something you think might be on its last legs or maybe you’re not sure – give us a call, we can walk you through new products, diagnose (to a degree, we are over the phone) an issue and give you the honest direction and advise that you need. Warmth is not something to gamble on.


Stay warm out there.


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