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DIY Mid-Summer Central Air Conditioner Maintenance

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By mid-July, your central air conditioner has been working hard for half the summer.  To extend its’ life and optimize performance, now is a good time to do some basic summer maintenance.

Use this checklist for some diy maintenance items:

  • Check the outdoor condensor for any weeds or debris that may be caught in it.  This is usually a simple matter of pulling them out of the outside metal casing.  This should be checked periodically throughout the summer.  Make sure to keep grass and weeds trimmed around the unit.
  • Clean the coils of the outside unit.  The unit needs to be turned off for this.  You can use a hose to clean dirt and debris from the coils (protect the motor and wiring from the water 1st).
  • Check the filter and change as needed.  The filter should generally be checked and changed once a month during the operating season.
  • Buy a programmable thermostat.  Use the settings to program your system to be set at a higher temperature automatically when you are regularly out of the house.  This keeps your air conditioner from running as often, helping to extend its’ life.

It is a good idea to have an hvac service technician do a pre-summer maintenance check.  If you have not had this done, it’s not too late.  A service professional can check the condensate lines, check for leaking refrigerant and address any issues with this along with other things best left to a professional.

Need to replace some of the items that make your air conditioner run at its’ best? has line sets, filters, and replacement parts for all your central ac needs.

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