Daikin Industries Announces $417M State of the Art Goodman Operations Campus in Houston, TX

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The world’s largest manufacturer of heating, cooling and refrigeration products, Daikin has announced that its board members have approved an expansion plan for its Goodman operations in the United States. Daikin will be building a new $417 Million Dollar state of the art business campus making it the largest single investment in Goodman’s 30+ year history. The new campus is currently projected to be operational mid-2016 and construction will begin within the next upcoming months. This campus will consolidate both Texas and Tennessee operations.


The new facility, when finished, will include one of the largest and most technologically advanced HVAC manufacturing facilities in the

country. The consolidated campus will enable Daikin to manufacture in one location the full range of residential and light commercial products as well as various ductless products that are currently imported from outside North America.  Ductless systems have gained rapid acceptance in the North American marketplace and have become one of the fastest growing HVAC market segments.


“The new business campus will provide many outstanding benefits to our customers,” stated Mr. Takeshi Ebisu,President and CEO. “The operational efficiencies we achieve will be reflected in the superb quality of our high-efficiency, energy-saving heating and cooling systems. We are excited about the outstanding value that this move will bring to our current and future customers. As the leading global HVAC manufacturer, Daikin expressed a strong, long-term commitment to its customers in North America by constructing this new business campus.”


“Our successful growth has fueled the need for additional manufacturing capacity. The new campus will allow us to dramatically increase our production efficiencies and enable us to continue to serve our customers better than ever before from the leading market position that we hold today” said Sam Bikman, SVP Global Supply Chain. “The integration of our engineering,procurement, logistics, manufacturing and marketing functions at the same location will facilitate and expedite our ability to respond proactively to customer needs.”


“Our selection of Houston as the location for our new campus was a result of careful analysis and business considerations. We know that Houston is one of the best cities in the United States for this type of expansion program. It offers an outstanding combination that includes

the ability to provide an educated workforce, economic growth, and a favorable year-long climate necessary for manufacturing and operational excellence,” continued Ebisu. “Houston is well known as the energy capital of the United States. Soon it will be recognized as the energy-savings capital with regard to the production of high-efficiency heating and cooling systems for residential, commercial and industrial applications. Employment at the new campus will increase as a result of expanded product manufacturing and the consolidation of facilities located in Texas and Tennessee.”

goodmancoil“Our goal is to treat our current employees fairly and equitably when the transfer of manufacturing operations begins,” said Kari Durham, senior vice president human resources.

Goodman Sales and Distribution operations, Quietflex Manufacturing Company, L.P. Daikin Marine Container, and other Daikin operations are reportedly not impacted by the consolidation.

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