Common R-410A Questions

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Commonly Asked Questions:

  • Where is R-410A available for purchase? All authorized refrigerant distributors
  • Are there brands of R-410A, is there a difference? Puron and Suva 410A are marketing brands for ASHRAE R-410A. Puron is Carrier Corp’s brand name and Suva 410A is the DuPont brand name. They both have the same chemical composition and can be used interchangeably.
  • Do I need to buy new tools to work on R-410A systems? Yes. The higher pressure  means you should use manifold gauge sets designed for R-410A. In addition, you should use a recovery unit and tanks designed for the higher pressure of R-410A.
  • Can R-410A be applied to R-22 equipment? No. There is a much higher discharge pressure and cooling capacity, R-410A should only be used in equipment designed for it.
  • Will R-410A systems have different components than R-22 systems? Yes. Because of the higher pressure for R-410A, most system components have been designed with increase thickness.
  • Is R-410A a blended refrigerant? Yes. It is a blend of two refrigerants, HFC-32 and HCF-125 (50/50 vt%), that performs very much like a single-component refrigerant.
  • How should I charge R-410A? R-410A should be removed from the cylinder as a liquid.
  • Do I need to replace my current industrial process cooling systems that use R-22? No, R-22 is still available for servicing existing equipment. Chemical manufacturers will be able to produce new R-22 in limited quantities until 2020. Recovered and recycled R-22 is available now and beyond 2020.

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