Air Conditioner Features and Options

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There are many features and options related to HVAC equipment that are not well understood.  Some of these features impact price and performance.  It’s important to understand what they mean so you can make an educated decision on your HVAC equipment purchase.

Features and Options

  • Phase.  Air conditioners come in single or three phase options.  This refers to the power or voltage of the motor.  Generally speaking, single phase is for residential and three phase is for commercial applications.  Your application or installation dictates what phase you need.
  • Stage. Compressors can be single (one) or two stage.  Basically, single stage has one level of operation.  Two stage units have a high and low level of operation.  Two stage units generally keep your space at a more even, comfortable temperature and are more efficient.
  • SEER. The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio refers to how efficient your system is based on how much energy it uses.  The current minimum SEER rating is 13, but units are available with over 20 SEER ratings.  The higher the SEER, the more money you save on your utility bills.  If you live in a hot climate or one that uses air conditioning for more of the year, you should consider purchasing the highest level of SEER you can afford.  You will recoup much of your investment (or more than) over the life of the unit.

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