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Available Mounting Blocks and Risers for Split and Mini-Split Systems

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Mounting Blocks and Risers are available to install your condensing unit for your split or mini-split system. You want to elevate that unit off the ground to protect it. There are several ways we can accomplish this.

First, there are Big Foot Risers made of sold rubber. Rubber helps to absorb some of the vibration from the unit. Big Foot Risers are very strong and can support a lot of weight for larger units. Because it’s rubber, it can be mounted on the roof without worrying about friction with your roofing elements. These blocks are available in 10”, 16” and 24” sizes.

Also available are polymer risers which come in 14” and 18” length. All of these are available in pairs. These would get installed underneath the units with decorative end caps. Lag bolts are used on the adjustable track so you can mount it to the bottom of the unit for stability.

A third option is a polyethelyne base made of high density plastic. It is very strong and is a much better option than before when the unit was set on gravel, which can shift; or concrete blocks and pavers, which can discolor and crack. The polyethelyne base will last a long time and is much more attractive and can blend in with the surroundings

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