Air Diffusers, Registers and Grilles For Your Home Improvement Project – HD Video

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There are a variety of products available to complete the installation of your duct work and terminate it in your ceiling. We’ll start off with a tough box multi-size register. This can accommodate different size ducts and it serves as an operating flange. The drop ceiling flange gets mounted above the drop ceiling to accommodate the duct in there.

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You want to always try to avoid any types of kinks in your duct system because it adds friction and cuts down on the efficiency of the system. This is why you would want to use a flex right flexible duct work 90 degree adapter. You lay your duct in it and secure it with some strap ties. This will allow you to create this 90 degree turn without actually bending or breaking that duct work.

To finish off the installation, there are a lot of different ceiling registers. There is a simple grille, some of which have dampers in them that you can open and close to adjust the air flow. Diffusers direct the air in several different rooms, depending upon your application. These are also available in more decorative styles and colors. They are paintable and dishwasher safe, so they’re easy to coordinate with other finishes that you have.

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