Advantages of Fortress Line-Set Covers

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Line-sets commonly connect the outdoor unit of a mini split system to the indoor air handler.  Most people do not want these unattractive cables ruining the aesthetic of the outside wall of their house or building.

Fortress Line-set covers are a great way give your project a finished look and protect your line-sets from the elements.  Two sizes and 4 colors (white, ivory, gray and brown) are available.  The 92 (3.5″) option is well suited for applications that have 1 or 2 line-sets.  If your installation includes 2 or more line-sets or many turns, the 122 option (4.5″) is best. The most popular option is the Fortress Line-set Kit, which is available in 2 colors (white and ivory) and in 3.5″ or 4.5″, making it a great solution for a simple set up.


Included in the kit:

(3) LD92W Duct Lengths 4′ Long
(2) LJ92W – Couplers
(1) LW92W – Wall Inlet
(1) LEN92W – End Fitting
(1) LK92W – 90 degree Flat Elbow

For complex or custom applications,  34 individual components are available that fit with each other. When creating your own combination, be sure to select the proper size and color that best matches the exterior of your home.  Fortress Line set covers can also be painted (outdoor vinyl paint is recommended) to match. representatives are available to assist you with your Fortress selections at 800-880-0199 M-F from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. CST.

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