ACCA Approves CalcuNow App as Manual J Block Load Compliant

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ACCA has recognized’s “Manual J Residential Block Load” online app as compliant with Manual J block load calculation procedures.

To become recognized, ACCA reviewed the app’s functionality, sensitivities, defaults, and capabilities to ensure that’s Manual J Residential Block Load meets the procedures and requirements of ANSI/ACCA 2 Manual J – 2011 (Residential Load Calculation).

The app is only recognized for “block loads” for existing home replacements where room-by-room loads are not required in accordance with ACCA Manual J.

ACCA reminds contractors that only software listed as approved by ACCA at is considered compliant with Manual J. Load calculation software and procedures that are not listed on that website cannot be considered to be properly observing Manual J’s procedures, methodologies, and defaults.

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