Novent Theft Prevention Locking Caps

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Use Novent Refrigerant Theft Prevention Locking Caps to prevent the theft of the refrigerant for your system that cost so much. In the outside condensing units, including the min-split condenser, you want to make sure the refrigerant stays in place.

Refrigerant is typically R-22 for older systems or R-410 for the newer systems. There are caps, called Novents, offered by that can be put on these systems to prevent someone from getting into it. The come with a key and are sold in 6-packs.

There is also a universal kit that can be adapted to either the R-22 or R-410 refrigerant. also offers bulk packages for larger sales or commercial operations that are available either in packages of 10 or 50. These do not come with a key that must be purchased separately.

Go to to find products for all your refrigerant security needs.


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